Way Back King Leonidas

Originally, when I posted this shot, I assumed that it was Prince John (from the 1973 animated film Robin Hood). Eagle-eye visitor Snipe posted a comment that it was King Leonidas (from Bedknobs and Broomsticks). After doing some more searching, it was clear that King Leonidas did appear in the Calliope float as part of the Dumbo’s Circus section of the original run of the Main Street Electrical Parade. This shot is from our 1985 Way Back series.

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8 thoughts on “Way Back King Leonidas

  1. Snide–

    Curious as to why you would think it was Leonidas. The costume and context (carriage) match Prince John and Robin Hood. I’m not sure if the B&B characters ever had theme park incarnations but the Robin Hood characters have been fairly established in the parks for a long time.

  2. It is the King Leonidas and there are a few clues. You can barely make out the Star of Asteroth hanging around his neck. Also, if you look at his shorts (seen just below the bottom of his coat), those are the stripped shorts he wore during the soccer/football match in the movie.

  3. Yes, it is King Lion/Leonidas. The Prince John character used to walk around the park often, and he had a different robe, a different head, and a different crown. By the way….great “way back” photo, George! I posted a pic of this float the day after you posted yours (unintentionally), but mine doesn’t show King Lion. You can see that photo here: 1981 Electrical Parade

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