Discovery Island and Miscellanea

Gator Chris at Yet Another Disney Blog has posted an article with scans of a 1979 Discovery Island Map.

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I had a request from a reader for information about the upcoming The Art of Walt Disney World book by Jeff Kurtti and Bruce Gordon.

Anyway, I’m wondering if you’d happen to have any info on that “Art of Walt
Disney World” book that was supposed to come out a while ago. I haven’t been
able to find any info on it anywhere. I know it’s supposed to be exclusively
sold in the parks, but I’ve yet to see it anywhere. Any idea what the status is?

I contacted Jeff Kurtti about the book and he responded that the book was waiting to go to the printers and should be available soon. As amazing as The Art of Disneyland is, this book should be amazing. The only drawback is that it will be a theme park exclusive, like Walt Disney World Then, Now and Forever.

Author Adam Goodger sent me a note about his new book called Imagineering The Way: The Unofficial History Of The Magic Kingdom.

This is not a guide book, although it would be a great resources to take to
the parks. It is designed to be an accessible look at the history of the Magic
Kingdom. The book begins with the creation of Walt Disney World. How it came
about, how Walt bought the land and why the idea for Walt Disney World came
about in the first place. We visit Disney World’s first press conference, the
preview centre and the park opening days. As well as the history of how the park
came about it also looks back at admission and how that has changed, from the
original admission price, the ticket books all the way to the multi-day tickets.

As well as the history of Phase 1 the book takes an in-depth look at
each land, ride, show and attraction including a specific chapter on
Cinderella’s Castle. Each chapter focuses on a specific land with each of its
rides, shows and attraction, both past and present, given a detailed overview.

Each ride, show or attraction that warrants a ride-through or show
transcript is given one (including Big Thunder Mountain). These include both
past and present attraction at the Magic Kingdom.

The book is available in electronic download or as print-on-demand.

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  1. I really like to hear from someone who’s read Adam Goodger’s Imagineering The Way: The Unofficial History Of The Magic Kingdom. It’s sounds good but is a little pricey.

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