Book Update!

I picked up a few items while at Walt Disney World last week. (The Disneyland Paris book was an eBay purchase and looks completely amazing!)

  • The Disney Bear: A Day at the Magic Kingdom. This book is a theme park exclusive.

The Souvenir Guides are smaller paperback versions that can be bought seperately or in a boxed set. The boxed set is the only way to get Everything Else in the World. They are also theme park exclusives. I added the Amazon links in case people sell used copies.

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5 thoughts on “Book Update!

  1. I am so uber jealous you got the DLP book – PLEASE tell us all about it! Maybe you could even do a special review for my page (hint hint, wink wink) ;).
    I didn’t buy the individual books on my trip – I wish I had done! I did get the ‘Now, Then and Forever’ book and really look forward to sitting and browsing through that!
    I got mine at the book shop in Hollywood Studios – they had all the paperback ones there too.

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