The Master!

In the following quote from the forward of A Brush With Disney, Marty Sklar discusses Walt’s plans for selling the concept of Disneyland and the ideas for new lands. A Brush With Disneyis a work that celebrates Herb Ryman.

Naturally, Walt has called on his greatest illustrators/designers to visualize the concepts: John Hench, Sam McKim and Herb Ryman. John was the master of the “specifically vague” technique that allowed viewers (and potential sponsors!) to imagine their identification without committing to anything; Sam was the master of detail, where nothing was left to chance or misinterpretation; and Herb–he was simply THE MASTER. Name the Disney Park project from the first illustration of Disneyland in 1953 to the first visualization of Walt Disney World in 1968 to the first depiction of Epcot in 1979 to the first designs for Tokyo Disneyland in 1980 to some of the earliest concepts for Disneyland Paris in 1989; the public’s first view of each came from the pencil, pen or brush of Herbert Dickens Ryman.

–p. 8, A Brush with Disney : An Artist’s Journey, Told through the words and works of Herbert Dickens Ryman

Concept art for the never built Ford Magic Theater in Tomorrowland at Disneyland.

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  1. Wow, I can see that I must get this book. I have John Hench’s book Designing Disney. I just cannot get enough of the early illustrations of those magical places that sprung from the imaginations and through the pencils, pens, and brushes of those brilliant men. Off to Amazon…

    🙂 Christi

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