Meet the Imaginerds!

Did you miss the Wall-E viewing last month in High Point?

Looking for another chance to meet fellow Disney Nerds?

Andrew and I will be presenting a program at the Eva Perry Regional Library in Apex, NC on Tuesday, July 29 at 7:00 pm (close to Raleigh).

Get this…we’re calling the program…The Disney Details.

We plan to share some of the inside secrets and details that will make your next Walt Disney World vacation more enjoyable and fun. Not just travel tips, mind you…but little bits of trivia and history of the parks that others might not know.

And we promise it won’t JUST be outtakes from the Crate Appreciation Society Meeting Minutes.

Space is severely limited to 42 people and you do have to pre-register. Call the Eva Perry Regional Library at 919.387.2100.
Annette Owens from MouseFan Travel will be on hand to laugh and scoff at the Nerdy Boys!

You can get directions by using your favorite mapping program:

Eva Perry Regional Library
2100 Shepherd’s Vineyard Drive
Apex, NC 27502

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9 thoughts on “Meet the Imaginerds!

  1. Now I wish I still lived in North Carolina. I used to live about 30 minutes from Apex…

    I hope someone is going to video record it or at least get the audio (We want to see George and Andy is brilliant High Definition)….LOL

    I know you guys will do great. You both have a great presence in front of people and have no problem speaking intelligently about those things that you love.

  2. Aw! Sounds like it will be a lot of fun! But I can’t get the time off work to come over for it…

    Like Grumpwurst, it would be great if there’s some video and/or audio of the presentation! 🙂

    Best of luck!

  3. If the Nerdy Boys aren’t too camera shy (and I suspect they aren’t), I’m happy to take video. I think getting the library’s podcast equipment set up in there would only bring disaster, but I know we can do video.

    Gosh, George… with this much demand, maybe we should sell the tapes to benefit the library! 😉

  4. Man, if it weren’t a really long drive across a whole bunch of states I’d be there for sure! So once you master it in NC when is the national tour?

  5. Lisa,

    I believe it’s a shorter drive between Virginia Beach and Apex, NC than it was for you to drive to Camp Hill, PA.

    I remember we drove to Virginia Beach from Chapel Hill, NC for a fraternity formal once and it didn’t seem that painful of a drive

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