Review – Lou Mongello’s Audio Guide to Walt Disney World: Adventureland

Lou Mongello’s Audio Guide to Walt Disney World: Adventureland.

Lou has just released the second volume of his Audio Guide to Walt Disney World. This time, he hooks a left from Main St. USA and enters Adventureland.

Here is adventure. Here is romance. Here is mystery.
–Walt Disney (describing Adventureland at Disneyland)

Adventureland is my favorite place in all of Walt Disney World. It is usually the first land we visit from the hub (unless we are going to Splash Mountain first), so I was excited to download the digital version of the Audio Guide. The download was seamless and quick; I was listening within minutes.

Like his first Audio Guide of Main St. USA, Lou takes us on an audio tour of the sights and sounds of Adventureland. When I was thinking about what to write about the Adventureland Audio Guide, I was struck by the amount of information and hidden details that Lou shares. He takes us from the hub, through Adventureland and into the fringes of Frontierland. Lou describes every shop, attraction, eatery and significant point along the way.

I really enjoyed the details that Lou provided about the shops and restaurants that are no longer there. In some cases, the building remains but is being used for something different. In one segment, Lou does an incredible job of describing the Adventureland Veranda–he spells out the sights and the experience that existed many years ago. I started researching the Veranda to find photos and really see what Lou was describing. Once again, he made me wish that I had been able to visit and document the Adventureland Veranda. Lou also talks about several other areas that no longer serve their original purpose.

The strength of this guide is in the attention to detail that Lou provides. History, trivia and current information is mixed and mingled in a way that leaves you longing for a visit to Adventureland. I have a few new shops and areas to check out on my next visit.

We listened to the Guide in the car and my nine-year old enjoyed this title as much as the Main St. USA one. He laughed at some of the in-jokes and he had specific questions about the attractions. I know he is looking forward to our next trip so he can show of his new found knowledge. His one complaint: the dog fell asleep halfway through it!

Lou is passionate about Walt Disney World and it shows with this Audio Guide. It is well-recorded, well-produced and well-narrated. He digs deep to share information that is not readily available in one source. I am already looking forward to the next volume.

Bottom Line: If you enjoy the Trivia books and the WDW Radio podcast, then you will love the Audio Guide to Adventureland. It is great for getting a quick fix or for re-living your last vacation. This Guide, like all of Lou’s products, is family-friendly and can be enjoyed by everyone. Ideally, you could use the Guide on your next trip down to Walt Disney World.

You can purchase the Audio Guide here.

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Kudos to Jeff Pepper for designing the logo and custom artwork for the project.

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