Disney, Public Libraries and Books

Disney, Public Libraries and Books

Can you tell me what Disney and libraries have in common? What about libraries inside of Disney Parks?

Being a librarian, I am always intrigued by different libraries. I have visited many during family vacations–except during Disney vacations, of course.

Or have I?

For me, what could be better than finding a library at Disney!


In Mickey’s Toontown, you can find the entrance to the Toontown Public Library. It is located to the right of the Town Hall in Toontown.


At Disney’s Hollywood Studios, they have a great urban Public Library setting. Thanks to Jessica for pointing it out. You can see the other library set on her post, too.


A shot of me from 2008 and 1998. I swear that is not a fanny pack…it’s my professional, uh, library equipment bag…yeah, that’s the ticket!

Book Update

It has been awhile since we’ve done a book update. We added these two great titles to our collection:

The Mouse Machine: Disney and Technology (cloth cover) by J.P. Telotte


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9 thoughts on “Disney, Public Libraries and Books

  1. Aha! I am not the only member of the Disney Digerati who has been seen in public wearing a lumbar pack!!

    And what do libraries and Disney Parks have in common? Most people enjoy them more once they understand how the systems work, and how to navigate them properly.

  2. The Technology Book (Mouse Machine)is a 2008 imprint. So far, the introduction is denser than most of Foxx’s posts at Passport (meant as a compliment to her). It is very academic.

    Hmmm…I like utility belt. Maybe Jennifer and I can create and market a line of blogging utility belts. We would have cameras, batteries, memory cards, power bars and space for Pal Mickey!

  3. Wow. I’m an aspiring librarian who was fortunate enough to be granted the chance to visit the WDW Entertainment Library late last year. (They did a bit of checking up on me first.) It was amazing. They had numerous books on numerous topics- not just on Disney and Disney related topics, but on fashion, costuming, stage magic, fire protection- lots of things. I greatly enjoyed meeting the librarian in charge, who’s worked at WDW for over 20 years. She was very knowledgeable on both library topics and Disney topics. It was one of the highlights of my vacation.

    WDW has at least seven libraries for Disney staffers. The general public doesn’t often see them, since most aren’t open to the public without good reason. They are:
    WDW Entertainment- The only one located “off-property” (It’s in a Disney-owned office complex somewhere near WDW.) They handle all the character designs, parades, events- everything but rides and attractions. (They also have a fabric library on site.)
    WDW Imagineering- Imagineering’s Florida Branch library. (The librarian told me one of the few places the artists and engineers would really meet was in the library…)
    WDW Animal Programs Library- Backstage at Animal Kingdom
    WDW Library and Research Center- Backstage library for cast members to research WDW, its attractions and history, and how things are done. They also provide internet access for cast members.
    WDW Feature Animation Library- Not sure if it’s still there…
    WDW Marketing and Advertising Library- Backstage
    WDW IT Technical Resource Center- Handles library matters for Disney IT.
    WDW Horticulture Library- Backstage library that handles info for all the WDW plants.

    Finally, there is another library of sorts at WDW, though it’s not exactly public. In the France Pavilion at Epcot, you can find Belle’s Library.


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