WDW Radio Show Book Segment

This week, on the WDW Radio Show, Lou and I discuss three books that look at design, architecture and Disney.

You can download the show here.

I reviewed Designing Disney almost a year ago. You can see the review here.

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7 thoughts on “WDW Radio Show Book Segment

  1. Ohhh George!! You were simply wonderful on the show! Mesmerizing, engaging, and always, pure brilliance with every word you spoke. Your melodious voice is only surpassed by your charming good looks, witty personality and… Oh man… I can’t… no matter HOW big the check is… I just can’t do it anymore. Seriously, thanks again for coming on, George. Fun talking with you as always!!

  2. Great segment on Disney Books this week. I’ll be looking for the one you talked about last. Let’s hope it makes it to Paperback. I have been reading a lot of different interviews and John Hench is always spoken of in the highest terms. I look forward to your next time on Lou’s show. Is there any room for a Disney literature Podcast. You could review a book a show and have a WDWToday length show. Just an idea.

  3. George – great job on the show! All 3 of these books are fantastic and I completely agree that Hench’s is the standout among them. He is a genuis. Without him, there is little doubt in my mind that the Disney parks as we know them would be very different. And Building a Dream, while fantastic, is uncomfortably biased to Eisner period works.

  4. Finally listened to this weeks show excellent work as always. I can see my paycheck disappearing and the book shelf becoming more crowded soon…

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