Main Street Transportation Company

At the edges of Town Square in the Magic Kingdom, you can find the various pick-up areas for the one-way transportation to Cinderella Castle. Each sign is different and is stylized to fit, not only Main Street, but the time period of the vehicles, as well. Make sure you notice the differences in the shapes of the signs and the fonts.

And my favorite mode of Main Street Transportation, the Bob Gurr-designed Omnibus parked by the castle!

Here is a close-up of the advertisements on the side of the Omnibus.

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3 thoughts on “Main Street Transportation Company

  1. I believe that if you look closely at the steering wheel of the Omnibus you will see the EPCOT Center logo as these buses (or atleast one of the buses) were used to drive guest around World Showcase way back when.

  2. I had a funny experience involving the Epcot logo on the steering wheel of the Omnibus – I pointed it out (rather loudly) to the other people in my party, at which point the driver jokingly replied “You’re seeing things, there’s no Epcot logo here” and covered it up with a MK map. I managed to sneak a photo while he was distracted. 🙂

    I have always loved the Omnibus, but I can’t even tell you why. I’ve been known to go running through the train station like a 5 year old when I see it parked on the street awaiting passengers.

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