There has been quite a bit of bathroom talk in the Disney blog-o-sphere recently.

This reminded me of my favorite bathroom at Walt Disney World since I first saw it in 1994.

MouseFest 2007–The Nerdy Boys Pose (and not by the Porsche).

Three Generations of Taylor men. 2001.

Stacy, the youngest Taylor Brother, at Disneyland version, 1998.

1994. The obsession begins!

And why the Prince bathroom? If you have to ask…

The Flickr badge below links to the Disney Bathroom set:

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4 thoughts on “Bathrooms?

  1. Hahhahaa. Love it. I got sick at the world one day at Animal Kingdom and I mentioned to my traveling companions that I could probably now write a book detailing every bathroom in the park on themeing, details, cleanliness, quietness, etc…

  2. I am speechless.

    My husband can tell anyone who needs to know the best places to get sick between Mission Space and Boardwalk Villas… but alas, we didn’t take pictures.

  3. I’m just like Elizabeth – I can tell you the best bathrooms for privacy, etc. at Disneyland. And I am still in the process of photographing them…and not getting arrested while doing it.

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