Walt’s People, Volume 6 is Available Now!

Didier at Disney History has announced that the 6th Volume of his amazing Walt’s People series is finally available on Amazon.

I reviewed Volume 1 and I have vols. 2-5 lined up on my shelf. Didier has created such an amazing series with the interviews presented. Animators, directors and Imagineers talk about working with Walt and what it was like to work at the Studios.

Many of the interviewees have passed away and the fact that the interviews were captured for future use is truly wonderful. Researchers will treasure this series for a long time.

Didier sent me the list of interviewers and interviewees. It is a very impressive list!

  • Michael Barrier: Carl Stalling
  • I. Klein: The Disney Studio in the 30s’Some Close-Up Shots of Walt Disney during the Golden Years; Golden Age Animator Vladimir (Bill) Tytla; Walt Disney Took Another Giant Step!
  • Steve Hulett: Wilfred Jackson; Eric Larson; Ward Kimball; Ken Anderson; Ken O’Connor; Claude Coates
  • Robin Allan: Claude Coats
  • Christopher Finch: Frank Thomas; Ollie Johnston; Milt Kahl
  • JB Kaufman: Maurice Rapf
  • Richard Hubler: Lillian Disney; Roy O. Disney; Edna Disney; Sharon Disney; Diane Disney Miller; Ron Miller; Dick Irvine; Marvin Davis; Joe Fowler; Roger Broggie; Frank Reilly
  • Dave Smith: Fred Joerger
  • Jim Korkis: Ken Anderson
  • Frank Reilly: The Walt Disney Comic Strips
  • Jim Davis and Alberto Becattini: Ken Hultgren
  • Wes Sullivan: Bud Hester; Iwao Takamoto
  • Gabe Essoe: Larry Clemmons
  • Christian Renaut: Joe Hale
  • Didier Ghez: Steve Hulett

Big names indeed. Not only the people being interviewed, but the interviewers are some of the biggest names in animation/Disney research. How many do you recognize?

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