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Imaginerding reader Anna sent me an e-mail and I wanted to see if anyone out there could help answer the question:

I’m hoping you remember or have heard of this, I can’t find anything about it anywhere.

Sometime in the 80’s, Disney did a live action/animation combination show. The live action was about a geeky guy being taught how to be cool and date girls. I think there were occasionally cartoon characters interacting with the live action characters, but they mostly introduced cartoons through the action. The geeky guy and the girl teaching him go on a practice date in a half car inside, facing a big movie screen where they watch cartoons.

I swear I didn’t imagine the whole thing. Does it ring any bells?

Even though I fit the description of the geeky guy, I don’t remember anything about this show?

What say you?

On another note, I received this request from Susan about Splash Mountain. I’ve searched my photo archives and can’t help with this photo.

Just wondering- when you all took pics of Splash Mountain did you happen to get any of the signs on the way in? I was there with my family a couple years ago and recall a sign that said something about ‘it was a simpler time where people were nicer to critters…’ and so on. I have tried to find a photo of that sign every since I forgot to take one myself. If you have one, I’d love it if you’d post or email it, or even if you just have those words from the signs in the queue area.

Can anyone step up with a photo? If you’ve got one, feel free to send me the link or e-mail it to me.


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  1. I agree with the people above. That sounds like “Totally Minnie” to me. If I remember correctly, Minnie was trying to help Robert Reed Carradine (“Lewis” from Revenge of the Nerds) to be cool. At the end Minnie and Elton John use magic to give him a more hip look and sing “Don’t Go Breakin’ My Heart”.

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