Pont des Arts Hidden Detail

Pont des Arts Hidden Detail at the France Pavilion in Epcot

As you cross the recreation of the Pont des Arts bridge between the UK and France Pavilions, there is a small detail that relates directly to the actual bridge from Paris. Les Pont des Arts is a historic bridge on the Seine River. It was rebuilt in the 1980’s after having stood for almost 200 years. Besides being a tourist destination, it is often used for picnics, by artists (due to its location and point-of-view) and for art displays.

Jessica from If We Can Dream It covered the painting in an earlier post. She gives some more background information, as well:

The painting itself is of particular interest, as it is done in the style of the famous Impressionist period, made famous by the likes of Monet, Renoir, and many other talented artists. The style featured short, quick brushstrokes that were used to capture the fleeting quality of time rather than realistic details.

pont des arts

As you cross the Channel from the UK to France, you will notice a tableau on your right. A portrait left by an artist frames the view of World Traveler shop at the International Gateway.

It is one of those great details!

Have you noticed this painting by the Pont des Arts brings on your way to the France Pavilion?

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  1. It is no surprise, what with my never-ending love of the France pavilion and all, but this scene, along with the many other French vagabond vingettes within the pavilion, just bring the whole feeling of the area home. Thanks for adding a sense of history to the sense of spirit George!

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