Andrew and I were introduced to Restaurantosaurus at the Animal Kingdom by Jeff and Jessica during MouseFest 2007.

We were completely bowled over. The backstory is that the restaurant is really the dormitory for the graduate students at the Dino Institute. Being a raucous and rowdy group of paleontology students, they decorated their new home with found items and a wry sense of humor.

Naturally, since they are surrounded by dinosaurs all day, the brought some of their work home with them. Some items lent themselves quite naturally to the dinosaur theme.

Arctic Boyosaurus



The trend also continues over at the Boneyard play area:


Pictures taken by Georgeosaurus and Andrewosaurus.

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5 thoughts on “Postosaurus

  1. I just explored this restaurant(osaurus) for the first time last year. There was so much to see…but my wife isn’t as nerdy about the details as I am, so it was a brief trip. I really need to go solo some day so that I can really explore some of these great treasures.

  2. I love the interior of Restaurantosaurus (and me, a confirmed Anti-Animal-Kingdom-Ite), especially the room with the dorm lofts up above you. I’d totally eat there if it wasn’t a f*****g McDonald’s!

  3. That is yet another hidden gem for details and jokes, I really need to spend more time there… And I’ll second your new Nerdosaurus titles!

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