Meeska Mousska Moms!

My wife entered the Disney Moms contest that was held last year. She didn’t win–we think it was because she is married to an Imaginerd. Somehow that disqualified her. Oh, well.

She did receive a really cool package the other day.

Inside the envelope was a MickeyMomsClub folder that had information about the club and some goodies.


  • Mousepad
  • Car magnet
  • Pocket Guide
  • Planning DVD
  • Planning Guide
  • Sticker Sheet

  • The Tinkerbell One For You, One To Give pin trading set
  • And a Disney Visa Card Application (which probably paid for most of it)

As much as we appreciate the free schwag, it does seem like a grass-roots-type marketing plan. They really push you logging into the system, telling all your friends about Disney and signing them up for things. They want you to be the official vacation planer and insider for all of your friends future WDW vacations. It is a pretty cool idea, we’ll have to see what other things happen.

You can visit the website here.

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3 thoughts on “Meeska Mousska Moms!

  1. I’m going to look into this more. It’s an interesting marketing tool. It’s going to be really great if it’s a place where mom’s can honestly try to plan the best trip for their kids without judgemental comments or criticisms.

  2. I too entered the contest last fall & was not chosen. I was very excited when all the goodies came for the mickeymomsclub. I am a little curious though. In your Welcome to the club letter did the first paragraph say welcome to the club, a club that you named, the mickeymomsclub!? My kids are dying to know if they actually took that name from my email address starting mickeymom or if this was the general letter? Could you help me figure it out?

  3. I also applied, was not chosen, but got the MickeyMomsClub stuff. When we applied I believe there was a survey offering us a few name choices. I voted for Mickey Mom’s Club, but I imagine that even if I hadn’t I would have,like you, received the same letter. I don’t think it had anything to do with your email address. I had the same thought that this was brilliant marketing, but I’m not sure how grass roots it feels. I feel that I am already a grass roots promoter, if Disney makes me feel special and appreciated (yes free pins are very nice!) I will feel engaged and excited, but if it feels to corporate and patronizing (borderline right now) it will make all my disney enthusiasm feel silly. I think we Disney enthusiasts, moms or other, like to feel that we have a unique connection to the World that we naturally love to share. I do not think we would like to feel like we are being used by the Mouse.

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