EPCOT Center Mystery

Brian Martsolf (Big Brian) e-mailed me for help identifying a logo that he found on a pin at the Epcot: Creating the World of Tomorrow Gallery in Innoventions West.

The one we couldn’t figure out was the red “K” inside of the hexagon.

I flipped though my Walt Disney’s EPCOT Center book and it didn’t lead me anywhere. There are a few corporations that have sponsored attractions that aren’t displayed in the photo: General Electric, Exxon, General Motors, Kraft and Sperry. Kraft makes sense except that they used the traditional Kraft logo (spelled out) in the early 1980’s. We even wondered if it was a logo for one of the private companies that helped to sponsor pavilions in World Showcase? Any thoughts? (And it isn’t Circle K!)

Brian runs WDW in Postcards–a truly amazing site that details the history of Walt Disney World through postcards. He also produces the Mousin’ It Up podcast and writes for Allears.

You can see the original photo on Big Brian’s Flickr page.

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5 thoughts on “EPCOT Center Mystery

  1. According to pinpics.com the pin belongs to cast members of Kitchen Kabaret. The show that used to be in Kraft’s The Land Pavillion. “Veggie, veggie, fruit, fruit, cha cha cha”

  2. I worked at Broccoli & Company in the mid 1980s and we wore that pin as well (it was the Kraft pin)….if memory serves me right everyone in The Land pavilion wore that pin…I don’t remember one that spelled out “Kraft”.

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