Disneyland Review on the WDW Radio Show

This week on the WDW Radio Show, Lou invited Jeff, Eric and myself to discuss our recent Disneyland trip.

Download the podcast (it’s free and you can listen to it on your computer) and discover:

  • Eric’s favorite ride,
  • Who got to Disneyland first,
  • Where Jeff got left behind,
  • What Lou stepped in and, of course,
  • Our favorite eats!

We discuss the differences in the parks and offer our opinions on Why Every WDW Fan Should Visit Disneyland.

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As an extra, here was the view from the room:

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6 thoughts on “Disneyland Review on the WDW Radio Show

  1. Craig–you will have a good time!

    My recommendations are to start reading anout Disneyland’s history now.

    Grab Jason Surrell’s three books (Mansion, POTC and the Disney Mountains) and get Jeff Kurtti’s The Art of Disneyland (it is sooooo beautiful).

    Don’t forget to check out the vintage Disneyland sites like Daveland, Gorillas Don’t blog, Stuff From the Park, and Vintage Disneyland Collectibles (and so muany more).

    I think you will enjoy it so much better having a good historical background.

  2. I have read POTC, but have not yet picked up the other two. I am currently reading The Art of DL. I also picked up Disneyland Inside Story and the two Treasures DVD sets (Secrets, Stories, & Magic; and Your Host, Walt Disney), but I haven’t had a chance to go through any of these yet. Also, it looks like the Imagineering Field Guide should be out by then. I love those little books.

    So yeah…I’ve already been reading up. When I started collecting WDW books, I immediately got into the DL material, too, since the history of DL feeds right into everything we know and love about WDW.

    I’m pretty certain I’ll be in Oxnard, CA, for work the first week of November, it’s just an issue of whether or not I can get a couple vacation days at the tail of the trip so that I can stop by Anaheim. Considering I’ll be flying through LAX, I should at least get Saturday in the parks. But, I’m definitely hoping for a longer stay.

  3. An excellent podcast! I had sort been able to put my Disneyland “Jones” to sleep for a while knowing I had a trip to WDW planned for June, but now the four of you have stoked the Disneyland dreams again, and I am going to have to go later this year. I’m thinking November!! Thanks for a great podcast!

  4. I just think it’s unfortunate that people who don’t know how prodigiously tall Eric is, are going to think you guys took your lil’ nephews Lou and Jeff to the park. 🙂

    Nice to see/meet all of you! Glad you all made it back safely.

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