The New Imagineers Strike Back!

It’s time for week three of March Madness for the Imaginerding showdown between your favorite Imagineers. First off, let’s recap…

In week one, Sklar and Hench cruised to victory on the collective shoulders of over 30% of our readers. In week two, X and Broggie had similar landslide wins, crushing some serious competition. This week, we will judge six Imagineers who are still pimpin’ dreams for Disney.

Remember, the two winners from each of the three weekly polls will square off in a winner takes all bonanza. The final Imagineer standing will receive one complete back waxing from George as well as signed copy of Andrew’s new book, Chicken Soup for the Nerd.

Here are the new recruits for this week’s soiree:

  • Jason Surrell
  • John Lasseter
  • Tony Baxter
  • Wing Chao
  • Tom Fitzgerald
  • Bruce Vaughn

Yes, I know some of these Imagineers now hold executive positions. Official Imaginerding poll rules state in fine print (section 34B, line 16, article 4) that I can choose who I want and you can comment me into oblivion if you so choose. Please drop a little Geek Love on us and let us know who we missed!

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6 thoughts on “The New Imagineers Strike Back!

  1. OK, I just got off the phone with Imaginerding headquarters in Jablinsk, Russia and they said if we can round out another six newbies that we can do another poll next week. They said that North American management (that’s me) was greatly remiss in leaving off Rhode and McGinnis. Now I have to spend two weeks in Siberia training like Stallone in Rocky IV,


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