14 thoughts on “Wow…

  1. Wish I were there with you, but hey, I got my 2008 planning DVD in the mail Friday. Sorry I just couldn’t pull myself away. Oops, forgot, wasn’t invited.

  2. George’s posts may not be coming with as much frequency this week. You see, although they had no problem with the 11th (and subsequent) trips to the dessert buffet, his desire to “see how long I can stay for lunch before they throw me out” led to an incident with tear gas, some crying, and, well… it may be the “Happiest Place on Earth” for most, but for George = not so much.

    I’m kidding, of course. And until Disney security finds the Club 33 flatware in George’s cargo shorts, he’ll be fine… just fine.

  3. Going with Mongello is apparently the way to travel. Looks like you guys are having a great time…too great, actually. We’re all very jealous.

    Oh well. I’ll just cry myself to sleep tonight like I do every other night.

  4. I’m sure I speak for all the bloggers out ther who aren’t in Disneyland right now, and maybe some who are, that we all plan a secret trip (so they won’t know we’re coming) and stage a hostile takeover of Club 33.

  5. I think we can still pull it off. It is that now it takes on the “When you least expect it…expect it!” element. Keeps ’em looking over their shoulders. And no, it won’t be the Dream Team!

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