Not-So-Hidden Mickey

We captured this Mickey icon in the hallway of the Disney Vacation Club Villas at the Wilderness Lodge.

After a long day in the park–or right before you head out–it is another reminder of why we do what we do!

I’m not sure is Steve Barrett from Hidden Mickeys Guide would count this one or not.

When I checked the catalog for the Magic Kingdom Resort Hotels, this one wasn’t listed.

Could this be my claim to fame?

ADDENDUM: Mike Scott left us a comment and linked to his post about decorative Mickey’s. He has some great photos from the hallway and a few other examples. Thanks, Mike!

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3 thoughts on “Not-So-Hidden Mickey

  1. Mike, thanks for the link to the post.

    I was surprised that a lot of the things at Steve’s site weren’t categorized as decorative Mickey’s as well. Some of them made me think of the picture from the VWL that we both have.

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