Detailin’ the Details!

An example of an Imaginerd at work:

In this shot, Andy is getting close to the subject at hand to capture a hidden detail.

How many times have you walked by the building between the Rivers of America and the Country Bear Jamboree on your way to Splash Mountain or Big Thunder Mountain?

We took a moment on our way to Splash and checked out the building. While looking through the window, Andy noticed that the Imagineers had stocked the building with supplies. He managed to grab a photo of it while I immortalized the event! (And, yes…he is wearing a Splash Mountain shirt!)

Once again, it shows you level of detail that the Imagineers have crafted throughout the parks!

ADDENDUM: Disney Park PhD. Foxxfur from Passport2Dreams let me know that the building in questions is called the Frontierland Shed. Thanks, Foxx!

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