Daily Figment 176: New Poll!

It’s time for a new set of choices for the Imaginerding readers. Finally we will settle the debate…

….the churro or the dole whip?

Actually neither, as this week’s poll was handed down directly from the Burbank brass. We were asked (told) to find out which Imagineer would Imaginerds most like to spend the day with. We will do this poll in two parts. This week will be the early Imagineers. Next week, we will highlight some of the newer members of our favorite fraternity. As you take the poll, please remember two important things. One, we could only choose six for each poll; that made our task impossible to start with. Please comment if you feel strongly about someone we left off. Second, out of respect for those Imagineers* that are no longer with us, please use your willing suspension of disbelief and imagine that they were still alive….especially if you were going to spend the day with them. No dead jokes please!

*No Imagineers were harmed in the making of this poll. In addition, nothing was actually handed down from anyone, including Disney management. I just wrote that because it is what I imagined they would want us to do. That is… if all the trash in the Burbank office had already been taken out.

Your choices:

Marty Sklar

John Hench

Mary Blair

Marc Davis

Ub Iwerks

Herb Ryman

Have at it kids! Check back next week for new and more modern choices. Don’t forget to drop a little geek-love and tell us what you would do with your day!

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11 thoughts on “Daily Figment 176: New Poll!

  1. It is impossible to choose just one without disrespecting the phenominal accomplishments of the others. Therefore, I abstain.

  2. Well, Ub was a great, pioneering animator. He was NOT an Imagineer. Marc Davis became an Imagineer after doing animation, but you shouldn’t bestow the name on someone just because they worked for the Disney company.

    If so, I nominate Wolfgang Reitherman. Or better yet, I nominate Ward Kimball! Or better yet, Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston!

    Uhm. You get the picture? Perhaps you should remove his name and put someone that actually IS an Imagineer?

    Radical though, I know.

  3. With that said, what makes one an Imaginerd…do you have to be chosen or is that title determined by …. oh wait…who bestows these titles anyhow and are they the ones who really decide the value of something. Intrinsic or not…Only semantics I am sure. I will vote for the effect someone had on me through the World of Disney…Past, Present and quite possibly future.

  4. Wow – great idea for a poll guys. I understand how tough it must have been to narrow it down. I don’t believe my casting a vote for one diminishes the accomplishments of the others. Of course – if it were an option – I’d meet them all. I’d love to learn about color from Mary Blair, and I’d love to hear about how he feels things have changed from Marty Sklar.

    But my vote went to John Hench. His impact on the design, asthetics, details, and overall emotional flow of the parks is incredible. He seems to have been a truly brilliant man with an eye for design that I would love to see Disney through – even if just for a day!

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