Daily Figment 175: Books, Books and More Books!

There are 147 books in my Disney collection. (Even I can’t believe I have that many.) When Andy and I started Imaginerding, I only had one shelf of Disney books on the bookcase.

One of the first books that I purchased about Disney is probably the annual souvenir guide from 1993-1994 and I purchased it on my first trip to Walt Disney World. After that, I slowly built my collection; souvenir guides, park guides and a few Disneyland titles made up the bulk of my early books. Now, I collect the biographies, animation titles, company histories, academic treatises, coffee-table books and anything else that catches my fancy–like the official and unofficial guidebooks (which are great for researching old attractions). Of course, I have my share of trivia books, as well. I do have to thank my wife for hunting down most of these books. I make the list and she scours the net. I think she enjoys the hunt as much as I enjoy reading them.

You can see all of my titles by visiting my LibraryThing catalog.

Book Update

I’ve had a lot more books come in over the past few weeks. I decided to wait till I had a few to do a post.

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9 thoughts on “Daily Figment 175: Books, Books and More Books!

  1. Your collection looks like a large version of mine. My first were a couple trivia books and a Walt biography when I was little. Then a couple imagineering books while in HS. I recently started collecting WDW books and have moved in to animation and biographies. I think I am closer to 50 books…so I’ve got some catching up to do 😉

    Thanks for the heads up on the animation and Disney War books on sale at amazon. I am picking them up today.

  2. But where are the reviews?! The reviiiieeeewwwsssssssss 🙂

    As an aside, my collection is on an eerily similar shelf. My main problem is how to best collect all my random loose-leaf stuff and Disney Newses etc.

    Now get to work! You’ve got reading to do!

  3. Yikes, decided to drop a pretty penny on those Disneyland photography books, did you? Don’t get me wrong, they’re beautiful books, but not quite something I was ready to spend almost $70 a pop on..

  4. Craig and Tom–Have you guys set up a librarything account? It is free (for the first 200 books) and then it is $25.00 for a lifetime account (or close). It is an easy way to catalog your collection–you just need the ISBN.

    Tangaroa–I would get some heavy duty comic book bags and the non-acidic cardboard backers to keep all the ephemera that you have collected. That would make it easy to hold maps, napkins and other loose items.

    Foxx–I really don’t know…you would need to ask ElainaMack 😉

  5. Tom–thanks for the links. I was going to get some stuff this weekend!
    The only problem you’ll have with LibraryThing is finding the correct souvenir guidebooks–especially with all of the ones you have!

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