Daily Figment 167: Big Willie Style!

This week we are taking a closer look at Disney Villains at Imaginerding.

One of our favorite villain details is also located in one of our favorite shops at the Magic Kingdom–Sir Mickey’s. It looks quite normal from the outside and fits in very well with the architecture of Fantasyland. Notice the beanstalk coming out of the building?

You expect the theming of the store to be Mickey and The Beanstalk. I mean, Sir Mickey’s is a pretty standard name for a shop and doesn’t lead you to think of any animated film in particular. It is when you venture further into the store that discrepancies start to show up. You can see our favorite mouse (in the photo at the right) standing on the beanstalk. But what is he wearing? That’s the outfit from The Brave Little Tailor.

So, what is going on here?

For more behind this uniquely themed environment, check out 2719 Hyperion. Jeff Pepper did an excellent post about Sir Mickey’s back in June 2007. He talks about the two animated films that the store is based upon and some of the great details you’ll find there.

The funniest reference, by far, is Willie the Giant peeking through the roof. How many times have you missed that? It is an amazing detail that goes missed. When Andy and I were taking pictures of it, many of the people in the store were shocked and amazed that they had never noticed it before.

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