Geek-End Update: February 2, 2008

  • ZapperZ from My Disney Mania shares an article that finally puts to rest the myth of Walt being anti-semitic. Thanks to John at The Disney Blog for the hat tip.
  • DOC (from the aptly-titled Disney Obsession blog) has a post about Morocco after dark. He also quotes from two great reads!
  • Don’t throw us into that Briar Patch! Or do, actually! Richard from Photos from the Park has a post detailing Splash Mountain, the Elder. Hmmm…might be time for the Nerdy Boys to pay Mr. Richard a visit and explain why the WDW one is better! But he reconciles near the end of the post.
  • Andy from the Backside of Water talks about another one of my Disney Obsessions: Mmmm….churros for breakfast!
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One thought on “Geek-End Update: February 2, 2008

  1. I’m pretty sure I’m a human being, but I do dress all in black, and I am kinda’ spooky ^_^

    The nickname actually started as the handle I used in the Disneysphere, because Doombuggies started requiring all posters to log in. Just plain “Cory” was already being used by my unregistered self, so I added my result from a “Which Haunted Mansion Spook Are You?” quiz.

    And that was more than you or anybody ever wanted to know about my name ^_^

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