Daily Figment 153: Who is Your Favorite Disney Villain?

In honor of one of my daughter’s favorite books, this week’s poll question is inspired by the nastiest of the nastiest…Disney Villains. Disney’s Mix and Match Villains by Disney feature film animators Eric and Susan Goldberg is a hilarious chance at some sweet revenge. By dividing each page of the book into three flippable parts, the reader gets to match any head with any torso with any legs they choose. The back of the book boasts that there are over 1,200 different combinations you can make. Trust me when I say that we laugh out loud a lot when we read this before bed.

The pictures of the villains are on the right side of the book and quotes from the villains are on the left. The quotes all have the same formats as well, so you can mix and match the phrases for some great nonsense. This gem came from our last read through:

Ratcliffe shouted, “Only love’s first kiss will awaken your puppies!”

Do you know what a phrase like that does to a three year old? Giggle central. So, without further Apu…I mean adieu, here are the villains for the latest poll:

  • Pistol Pete (AKA Pegleg Pete)
  • Malificent
  • Ursula
  • Cruella de Ville
  • Captain Hook
  • Queen of Hearts

I know, I know!!!!! We left out YOUR favorite villain. It wasn’t easy picking six (yes, blogger only gives us six spots per poll, ughh!) from the profuse pool of plundering, pilfering, and pillaging profligates Disney has given us over its rich history.

So, leave a comment. Tell us who we missed if you think we really dropped the ball. Maybe we will do a follow up poll to battle out the ones we missed. We could do a NCAA-type bracket and see who takes the crown. Or is it s scepter?


By the way, Eisner does not count.

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8 thoughts on “Daily Figment 153: Who is Your Favorite Disney Villain?

  1. Without further “ado,” my choice would be Shan Yu for pure evil/perfect adversary qualities. However, if we are going with personality and je ne sais quois, Hades is my favorite.

    Now I HAVE to get that book! It looks awesome!

  2. The Evil Queen from Snow White. She was the first Disney Villain that I saw on the big screen. I still remember thinking she was so beautiful (in her Queen form).

  3. One, this book is amazing, and I’d love to be able to make my preschool class giggle their heads off with it. Two, I have to go with the Hook. The mortal enemy of all children who never want to grow up!

  4. Just discovered your blog and I love it! I’ll be up all night reading. Maleficent scared the crap out of me as a child because she said, “and all the powers of hell” and yet, at the same time, she fascinated me because she was eerily beautiful and graceful. Her veiled sweetness also captivated me.

  5. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one that’s played around with this book. My coworkers and I had hours of fun laughing at the different combinations!

    As far as voting goes, my mom’s vote would be for Mad Madam Mim (for obvious reasons).

    Mine would probably be Scar – now there’s a villian with brains, not just brute strength or evil magic.

  6. I am with Ryan on this one, if you are prone to staying young beyond your years, then Hook is nemesis. I do have to say though, Hades is running a close second.

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