Geek-End Update January 26, 2008

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Andy at the Backside of Water has a detail shot of the Village Lock and Safe. How have I never seen this? He also presents a park mystery.

Jack Spence from Allearsnet has a great article about the Pacific Electric Railway and its connection to Disney.

Honor from Blue Sky Disney takes us on a journey into the history of the Disneyland Hotel. As always, Honor builds so much more into the story.

Over at Cartoon Brew, they discuss the salaries of top Disney execs. Nuff’ said!

The Ghost Relations Dept. has a creepy post about the Hatchet Man.

Massimo at Town Square Photography has some nice shots of Adventureland…at Disneyland Paris You can see the whole series here.

Mike Scopa shares lots of pictures of his experiences before the WDW 5K Race and some details leading to the WDW Half-Marathon.

For all of you Disneyland Detectives, Vintage Disneyland Tickets has a post with some questions about some mysterious brochures. Another post with a special Mickey’s Toontown passport from 15 years ago has some great artwork and a scan of the brochure from way back when. Wow…$28.00 for a one-day ticket.

Jeff from 2719 Hyperion shares a detail from his recent trip: Adrian and Edith’s at the Disney Hollywood Studios.

Cartoon Brew shares a Bizarro cartoon that makes everything we do make so much sense!

Jennifer from Broke Hoedown shares a news item about Nintendo DS’s being used in the parks…she always has great news items…

Richard at Photos From the Parks shares some great pictures and info about the now-closed Disney Gallery at Disneyland. It was a truly inspiring space.

At MyDisneyblog, Daveland steps in and writes a fantastic piece about the Viewliner…complete with awesome pictures!

Ed from Ed South’s Wonderful World of Blog shares a Youtube video he found with an amazing sense of late 1980’s Disney fashion!

The Epcot Central takes a moment to defend itself and talk about Epcot–and its loss of vision.

Jessica from If We Can Dream It shares a park detail from Aloha Isle. Strange markings, indeed.

Daveland–this time on his Jungle Cruise Blogs (how many does he have?)– monkeys around and shares a comparison between the Jungle Cruise and Pirates!

Outsidetheberm has a scan from an early brochure of America The Beautiful at Disneyland. There is a great illustrated cut-out of the ride building.

In a rare tag-team post, Stuff From the Park posts about the awesome Monsanto House of the Future and Paleo-Future adds some more to the discussion!

Progressland has an interesting article looking at edutainment.

I know its not a blog, but…

Mark from Mouseplanet has a cool photo tour of the Animal Kingdom Lodge Villas at Jambo House.

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