Daily Figment 146: Look Out!!!!

It’s easy to miss the details at the Disney parks when you are running around dehydrated, fighting lines, battling the heat and attempting to squeeze magic out of every moment. Remember that the real magic is in those details we so often write about, here at Imaginerding.

The following scene in Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is easily overlooked. Although it is crucial to building dramatic tension in the pre-ride show, it is easily missed from the stand-by queue since that line wraps around the inside of the building. However, from the FastPass line you have an outside path to the train, so your view of the impending doom is first class. The rub is that most FastPassers scoot through the line expeditiously and overlook the scene developing to their left. If you take a moment to stop and look, you will see that the Imagineers carefully crafted a very foreboding scene: a broken bridge falling into disrepair, about to end someones train ride tout de suite, awaits the next train. If that one survives the rickety structure, then surely the next one will plummet. That is a spectacular detail that can be easily overlooked and is often not far from your field of view. Our suggestion? Let a few people pass you and take a good, thorough look around. The few people you let scurry past will lose more than they gain.

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