Daily Figment 141: We’re Bringing NERDY Back!

Thanks to a late night business meeting with the lead designer of JP Digital Graphics & Design, we have a new logo to debut!

No, this isn’t our new logo…it is somewhere below…

So, we proudly present our new logo:

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we are bringing Nerdy Back!

If you are in need of a logo for your blog, website, forum, podcast, t-shirt, mug, vacation, car or business, give JP Digital Graphics & Designs an e-mail. They have really competitive rates and do absolutely amazing work.

And tell him that the Nerdy Boys sent ya!

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5 thoughts on “Daily Figment 141: We’re Bringing NERDY Back!

  1. OMG – that SO needs to be a t-shirt… now how come for somebody else’s birthday, YOU get a new logo? it’s my unbirthday too – all i got was some friend posting insane pictures of me on the internet… hmmmmph. that hardly meets the LFS*

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