Daily Figment 140: EPCar

There are those of us that are fans, those of us that are geeks and those of us that are imaginerds.

Then there are the special people. People that make their own Disney hats, create their own Disney events and completely worship a theme park. Or at least go out of their way to share that love with the rest of us in very special ways.
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Take for instance, our good blogging friend and unofficial Taylor sister, Jessica, from If We Can Dream It. We met her for the first time at MouseFest and it is obvious that she has a major thing for Figment and Epcot. When we saw her car, or as she calls it, her EPCar, we were blown away. We just can’t figure out the acronym: Experimental Prototype Car … hmmm. We need something for the A and the R. Any thoughts?

Check out the following pics she sent us that she did to celebrate Epcot’s 25.
Yeah, you thought that you were an Uber-fan? Heh.

As a gift for our friend, here are some looks at figment from the Epcot Exhibit inside Innoventions West.

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