Daily Figment 138: Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Some things just have to go. Apparently, the name at the Disney-MGM Studios is one of them.

In honor of the name change from Disney-MGM Studios to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, we thought we would post these pictures of where people go when they have to go at MGM…er, strike that…I mean, Disney’s Hollywood Studios. My personal fave is the baby change sign from Rock’n Rollercoaster. Where does a baby go when they have to go? Depends……

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6 thoughts on “Daily Figment 138: Disney’s Hollywood Studios

  1. I particularly like signs that say “baby change” when mine is being particularly whiney. Can I really change babies there? Can I pick a nice one who will not mind if we just truck him or her around Disney all day? *sigh*

  2. I have a great shot of my, then, three-year old at the family/companion restroom at Norway. We were in Mexico and he announced that he had to go! Well…Mexico only lets you use the restrooms if you are eating there. I guess that is up to the CM on duty.

    So we high-tailed it to Norway. There is a great baby change station and I took his picture standing by the sign. It is sitting on my desk at work, just waiting for him to ask me where he came from: “See, son…I got you at this baby change station at Epcot. It was the latest rage in 2006!”

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