Daily Figment 133: Looking Back 04

We are drawing closer and closer to the end of the year. So far, 2007 has been a great time to be a Disney fan. 2008 looks even better.

This time we are going to share some posts from October.

Daily Figment 79: Gone But Not Forgotten
I take you on a pictorial tour of an extinct Disney attraction.

Daily Figment 86: Our Secret
Andy shares a, uh, newsworthy item.

Daily Figment 90: Construction

I take a look at some early construction photos at Walt Disney World.

Daily Figment 91 – Book Review: A Visit to Disneyland
I review a wonderful children’s book detailing a 1965-ish visit to Disneyland, USA.

Daily Figment 92: A Different Kind of World I share some scans of the early plans for Walt Disney World and it changed after Walt’s passing.

Daily Figment 93: The Grand(er) Canyon
Andy shares a detail from the Wilderness Lodge.

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One thought on “Daily Figment 133: Looking Back 04

  1. Great! I have been looking forward to this. I know my choice will land second or third down the list, but hey, it happens. Happy New Year George and Andy.


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