A very special thanks to Lou, Jeff, Jessica, Glenn and Eric for all of the amazing, kind and hysterical memories you shared about us, at Imaginerding, on Show 45 of the WDW Radio Show.

If you haven’t heard the episode, Lou hosts a MouseFest Memories round table and everyone listed above participates in describing their experiences with MouseFest. Our names are mentioned quite a bit–much laughter and hilarity ensues. It was truly an amazing time and we are already planning for Mousefest 2008!

My favorite line from the show?

Glenn: “Please stand clear of my phone.” Priceless.

Conspicuously, Eric Hollister is missing from every single photo we have. He must have been just slightly out of frame on each one.

If you aren’t a regular listener of the WDW Radio Show, you are missing one of the best podcasts available and the very best Disney podcast period. Lou is all about delivering great content and he has a great sidekick that is a tremendous singer. (In case Matt Hochberg is reading this, WDW Today is really cool…you just haven’t mentioned us on your show yet!)

Thanks to everyone for the ultimate in Disney Geek love. Spending four days with you guys was outstanding! Wait till we tell some of the stories about you guys!

So…where are the bathrooms near Space Mountain?

Hey…have we told you that Jeff Pepper of 2179 Hyperion did our logo for us?

He also did the amazing artwork for Lou Mongello’s Audio Guide CD for Main Street USA. If you haven’t picked up your copy yet, do it now. You will love it! That is a Disney Geek guarantee!

And a special thanks to Lori, for showing us how a true fan greets Lou Mongello!

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5 thoughts on “Thanks!

  1. I’m trying to remember how I greeted Lou when I saw him with you guys. Was it the big hug or the bag of M&Ms?
    And I agree, Glenn’s comment was funny! My favorite part of the podcast was ME!!

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