Daily Figment 121: Wishlist Redux!

Everything we do here at Imaginerding is to try and help you enjoy the parks even more. Hopefully all of the items we have discussed in our Wish List posts will help you slow down, notice the details and have an amazing vacation. So, don’t forget to check out the items that we have shared so far (I know–we actually talked about something besides books):

I consider both of the following books to be core course material for the beginning Disney Geek certificate. The more readily available title is Since The World Began by Jeff Kurrti. It is out of print, but there are hardcover and paperback versions available on Amazon.

Since The World Began takes a look at Walt Disney World during its first 25 years. Lots of full-color glossy photos surround ride descriptions, attraction info, history, hotels and concept art. There are sub-sections about the 1964-1965 World’s Fair, the monorail, prototype systems and the roadway signage system, to name a few. There are 8 chapters with 192 pages (including the index). This is a great introductory text to the first 25 years of Walt Disney World. You even see concept art for the Courtyard of Nations. This would definitely help if you ever get to partake in Lou’s Fact or Fiction segment on the WDW Radio Show. It is a great read that does more than educate; it takes you on a trip through WDW’s past. You will gain such a larger appreciation for everything the Imagineers have done.

Disney: the First 100 Years by Dave Smith is also available in hardback and paperback. It was released in 1999 to commemorate and help celebrate Walt’s 100th birthday. This book breaks down Walt’s life and the company he co-founded year-by-year (although some years are grouped together). This is a condensed history of the company that has created the most enduring animation, a beloved and worshipped theme park, an icon and one of the world’s largest entertainment corporations. This book covers it all. It is a great read that is easy to digest and process and will lead you on your way to Disney Geekness.

Either title will make your Disney Geek (you or your someone special) happy this holiday season.

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  1. I echo your endorsement, Since The World Began is a good book. I am using some of the text from it to highlight the World Showcase countries in my Disney World After Dark series.

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