Makin’ Memories

The theme of Mousefest 2007 should’ve been: Meeting old friends, for the first time. Since this was our first trip to Mousefest, Andrew and I had no idea what to expect. Besides having four days with no kids (seriously–we do love them!)–we couldn’t pass up this research trip.

We were unprepared for the real Disney Geek love that surrounded us at every turn.

Meeting an uber-famous and uber-geeky podcaster,

Amazingly cool bloggers (and our idols),
And a best friend (and his lovely wife)
The memories seem so much like a whirlwind–but I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

Besides, getting to ride Spaceship Earth (thanks, Nancy!) and Splash Mountain with your brother in the same day is absolutely priceless. For everything else, there’s Passamaquoddy (Glenn, we’ll try and get your picture up soon–we promise! And yes, Row 1B is perfect).

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3 thoughts on “Makin’ Memories

  1. Let’s just say this disney widow is very glad this research is over. I missed my George (don’t tell him I said that!!!). I love all the stories of “disney geek” love. Definitely a “friendly” bunch. I may have to come along next time.

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