Geek Link: These Are a Few of My Favorite Things!

Two of my biggest passions: Walt Disney World and power pop music. In the early 1990’s, Andy and I were in a band together, called Vertigo Joyride (you can see us at the bottom of this post).

One of my favorite bands is Powerspace. I was checking their website this morning and I was pleasantly surprised to see this Holiday Greeting from the band. Only one way to explain it: Spinal Tap with ADHD meets Walt Disney World! It is a truly frenetic look at Walt Disney World in under 4 minutes. I think these guys deserve an Official Disney Geeks Certificate!

Happy Thanksgiving!

For a little more musical fun…

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4 thoughts on “Geek Link: These Are a Few of My Favorite Things!

  1. Interesting editing. I’m guessing that they just did this themselves and, if so, it’s a pretty good example of how people who watch movies usually have a better innate sense of pace (through osmosis) than many people who make movies professionally. It has a pretty good meter, regular enough to feel like you’re progressing, slow enough to observe various details and fast enough to feel like you’re on a rapid tour. On the other hand it’s less like a tour and more like a highlights reel, or, the stuff you really remember about Disney… I watched it with the sound off to observe this. Cute stuff.

  2. Great insight Foxx!

    I was just thinking of the serendipity more than anything else. It just seems to be that things I really enjoy in life seem to intersect fairly often. Or it is simply all in my mind?

    But still…I loved that on of my favorite bands was at Disney.

    Ray–I am shameless!

  3. wow. whats with all the hair flipping in that last videa – and who’s the guitat player shunted off to the right in the darkness…. those guys are hot! 😉

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