Book Update: The Disneylands That Never Were

The Disneylands That Never Were arrived last week. It looks like it will be a fun read. According to the jacket, it purports to discuss the rides, attractions and shows that never quite made it off of the drawing board.

I’ll have a full review soon!

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4 thoughts on “Book Update: The Disneylands That Never Were

  1. Disneyayn–yeah. I love TUF! I studied kickboxing, Russian Sambo and grappling until I tore my meniscus.


    molly moo–thanks for the post. I haven’t seen the reviews, but it did start pretty rocky. I may have to give a negative review if it doesn’t pick up soon.

  2. Yes, please do give an update as you finish… The reviews I’ve read have been pretty negative so I’m interested to see if there’s anything here that’s new info…

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