Daily Figment 107 – Polynesian

4. Polynesian Village – A 644-room resort hotel designed in the style and leisurely manner of the South Seas. Swimming, boating and beach facilities are just a few steps from every room in seven “longhouses” clustered around the central main building, The Great Ceremonial House. Theme of the Papeete Bay Verandah restaurant is French Colonial, while other restaurants are casual – Tangaroa Terrace, Barefoot Snack Bar, Captain Cook’s Hideaway, Tambu Lounge, Coral Isle Cafe, South Seas Room. Polynesian Luau dinner-show is a highlight.
–p. 11,
The Story of Walt Disney World

A lot has changed with the Polynesian resort of the past 30 years. There are currently 847 rooms in 11 longhouses (or areas). The restaurants, shops and pool area have all gone through changes, as well.

Steve Seifert has a created a great website about the Polynesian that tracks the changes, offers historical photos and various other tidbits. Visit Tikiman’s Unofficial Disney’s Polynesian Resort page to learn more about the Poly.

I had the amazing opportunity to vacation with my family at the Polynesian in December 2006. Staying in a monorail resort is wonderful (even though the boat launch to the Magic Kingdom was less crowded and less stressful). After we returned home, I went to our local grocery store and had to call my wife. Something was wrong. It took me a moment to realize that none of the grocery store employees were saying “Aloha!” The cast members at the Polynesian were the most wonderful CM’s we ran into during our whole trip. I wholeheartedly recommend staying at the Poly. It had been a dream of mine for well over 10 years and it was nice to experience it at a time when my kids still thought the room alone was magical.

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2 thoughts on “Daily Figment 107 – Polynesian

  1. My dad took me to the Polynesian resort and we stayed there for a full week in 1978; how awesome! It was great to get on the Monorail and go to the park anytime that I wanted to. Great post!

  2. The Poly is such a great hotel…because it isn’t like a hotel. With the far-flung buildings and quiet pathways, you never feel like you are in a bustling and busy hotel. The only time we ran into a lot of people was when we were in the Great Ceremonial House.

    My only fear is when the finish the Contemporary “DVC” Twoers is that the monorail is going to be even more crowded. The only time I had a car to myself (the kids and the wife were in the front) was around 10:30 one morning after O’hana’s.

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