Daily Figment 96 – It’s Beginning to Look…

Well, Halloween is over.

That means one thing. Time for Christmas!

Both of us Disney Geeks are huge Christmas fans. Actually, we’re normal-sized fans, we just really love Christmas. The decorations at my house go up the day after Thanksgiving and take about eight hours of planning and work to get them up.

Why am I talking about Christmas? We thought it was time to discuss the Disney Geek Christmas list. The essential items that you need to have to complete your Disney Geek certification.

The first one is a book that Andy and I both heartily recommend. We feel it is the single most important and accessible work on the Disney Company, the theme parks and the Imagineers available right now. One that you can still purchase at a reasonable price. I gave it to Andy on his birthday this year to start his own imaginerding library. Walt Disney Imagineering: a Behind-the-Dreams Look at Making the Magic Real is the book we are talking about. Concept art, articles on storytelling, posters, maquettes, ride design, signage theory, storytelling through architecture–you name it and it is covered. This is beautiful work that you will absolutely worship.

If you don’t get this for yourself, buy it for the Disney Geek you love. Or the one you want to really impress!

I have had my copy for over 10 years and it is still one of my most cherished books.

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3 thoughts on “Daily Figment 96 – It’s Beginning to Look…

  1. I published my Christmas wish this morning and it is filled with many Disney related books. Many of them have been featured in your posts. But, Walt Disney Imagineering is one that I have had a few years now and it is a great book. I cound spend hours browsing the artwork.

  2. I bought my copy on a Disneyland trip (for a friend/Cast-Member’s wedding) in ’06 and devoured it on the plane ride home.

    I also picked up a copy of Frank and Ollie’s animation book. 🙂

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