Daily Figment 78: Poll Results 01

Well, the results of our first poll are in! Thanks to all of you for voting and letting us know how you feel. The winner is…….

The Incredibles

Which Disney/Pixar feature film most deserves it’s own attraction?
The Incredibles 60% (49 votes)
Cars 21% (17 votes)
Ratatoullie 6% (5 votes)
Meet the Robinsons 12% (10 votes)
Total voters for this poll: 81

The Incredibles won by a wide margin, apparently in a nod to our readers’ desire to live out their superhero fantasies. The film doubled up the competition. Ratatoullie finished last with only 5 votes. What, you don’t want to be a rat?

Please check out our new poll and let us know how you feel!

Also, since you voted for The Incredibles, do you have a vision for the attraction? If so, leave a comment!

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7 thoughts on “Daily Figment 78: Poll Results 01

  1. no surprise for me that this movie took the prize…
    Look at the possibilities, speed, strength, elasticity (stretchy as my youngest says) and force fields. It is a ride just waiting to happen and with an unlimited number of creative opportunities.

    I can’t wait for a JackJack themed anything.

  2. I proudly voted for Ratatouille and, yes I do want to be a rat. 😉

    Although seriously the best application of Ratatouille would be actually building La Ratatouille somewhere with little animatronic rats doing stuff above you and an Anton Ego face character who walks around and makes you feel inadequate.

  3. The Incredibles was my choice. I see it as a coaster; combination dark ride and outdoors through the varied terrains of Nomanisan Island. It lends itself also to the Buzz Lightyear concept, but that may be stretched alittle then once Toy Story Mania opens.

  4. Nono, real rats would be silly! And un-Disney. Unless this was Animal Kingdom and they pretended France was a third world country and the rat droppings on you/your food were themic and there to increase your appreciation of nature and the balance of life. In which case it wouldn’t be Anton Ego, but Joe Rhode slapping you on the wrist just when you’re about to swallow that big huge meatball, causing you to choke and spit it out on the loud fat man at the next table.

    Perhaps the rats would be projected on little blank rats moving along conveyor belts with sheer fabric billowing around them?

    Or perhaps they’d just be little stuffed animals on basic mechanisms, a la Disney Store 1989 or the Canada Mercantile or the Indian Village at Magic Kingdom?

    For my money, an Anton Ego face character who berates you for bad taste would be brilliant. But then I’m the one who wants a “Boudu Saved From Drowning” (IMDB it) stunt show at France World Showcase, so I may not be a reliable creator of marketable ideas. 😉

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