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This is the first non-travel guide book about Disney that I ever read. Probably in 1995, before the interweb made so much information available so quickly. Trust me, before blogging and Deb Wills, all that was available were the Official and Unofficial Guides. There were gophers and tunnelers, but they weren’t very user friendly.

Vinyl Leaves is a very academic text. The title, of course, refers to the 800,000 vinyl leaves that adorn the Swiss Family Treehouse. I haven’t read it since 1995, but it mysteriously showed up last week. I will post a full review at a later date.

My favorite part of the book was about the Kodak Picture Spots. At the time, Disney and Kodak struggled with a way to point out what they thought were picturesque spots. This confused people, who spent a lot of time taking pictures of the signs and of their family in front of the sign. This has become an in-joke with my family and we take pictures of the signs whenever we see them.

Disney tried to fix the misunderstandings by adding a picture of what you should be taking a picture of!

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