Shirt Update!


My New EPCOT Center T-shirt–fresh from Walt Disney World!

Disney Geeks friend Matt, spent a week at Saratoga Springs with his family after Labor Day. He brought me back this really cool EPCOT Center T.

Check out the awesome new logo!

Matt is an avid (read: rabid) collector of Disneyana and has just started down the Geek path of tracking down rare Disney books. Unfortunately, Matt doesn’t have an online persona, yet, so I can’t give him a proper shout-out. But a lot of you will get to meet him when we have our first Carolina Disney Meet in October. Stay tuned for more details!

Charles Ridgway at Barnes & Noble, Winston-Salem, NC 6/5/2007

Matt and Charles Ridgway at Barnes & Noble on June 5, 2007

Thanks, Matt!

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4 thoughts on “Shirt Update!

  1. tell me more about your carolina disney meet – i’m wanting something going in virginia and know some people online involved in nfcc (if i got those initials correct) – theres nothing south of like rhode island…. i was planning to rope in the southern states…….

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