Be Our Guest Post – Grumpy says, “I wish you were here!”


Our friend Ray, is currently at Walt Disney World for a week long birthday celebration with his wife. He is updating his site with live trip reports. Make sure you check out today’s post about The Mountain With No Splash!

So, it is with deepest pride and greatest pleasure that we welcome you tonight. And now, we invite you to relax, let us pull up a chair, as the Disney Geeks proudly present… your guest post:

George and Andy politely asked me to do a guest post and I thought it would be awesome and slightly irreverent to do my guest post while I’m on vacation at Walt Disney World.

So, in the spirit of my from the heart and hip style posting, I thought I’d do one of my lists.  This time, the Top 10 Things I’ll be doing at Walt Disney World while The Disney Geeks are stuck at work:

10.  Verify the validity of Steve Barrett’s Hidden Mickey’s book
09.  Heckling the Jungle Boat Skippers.
08.  Taking pictures of Trash Cans and Crates
07.  Making scientific observations about the use of water in Epcot
06.  Doing my Disney Geek homework
05.  Tracking down the Bothan Spies for the latest report.
04.  Tracking down Grumpy everywhere he is hiding and get my picture with him
03.  Taking pictures of every window I can find
02.  Ride the newly refurbished Haunted Mansion multiple times to be able to document everything

And the #1 thing I’ll be doing at WDW while the Disney Geeks are at work……

01.  Ride Splash Mountain over and over again until my wife and I notice that the water has an odd smell.

Hold on one second, my wife is hollering at me…

“What is it honey?”

“Pirates has no wait?  Be right there!”

Sorry guys, I gotta go.  Too much fun to be had.

Keep it Grumptastic folks!

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