Daily Figment 53 It’s In the Details

daily_figment_02Who doesn’t equate Main St. USA with the sound of horses clopping and the smell of fudge from the Main St. Bakery?

It is also the first place you run across popcorn–another park staple! In Disneyland: Dreams, Traditions and Transitions on page 53, is this great little sidebar. It is another example of the amount of detail that the Imagineers put into everything they do.

popcornAlthough these miniature popcorn vendors appear at Disneyland, it should be pretty obvious to most Disney Geeks where they reside throughout the park, in their respective Hot Fresh Popcorn carts.

Can you guess?

All we have for prizes is left-over popcorn from our 1998 trip to Disneyland. What is weird is that the popcorn is starting to turn green. Did I buy it at the Haunted Mansion?


Hanging out at the Library in Mickey’s Toontown at Disneyland in 1998.


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