Daily Figment 52 MouseFest MGM Style

daily_figment_02MouseFest is getting closer.

Day-by-day (Check out the counter at the far right).

We mentioned earlier that The Disney Geeks will be there in Full Force!

A good friend of the Geeks is Matt Hochberg, over at (do we really have enough space for this?):

Whew! He is almost in more places than Jonathan Dichter.

mgmdotorgAnyway, Matt has written a great piece about MouseFest 2007 over at MGM Studios.org. The article details his plans for hosting events at MouseFest and what newcomers (like The Disney Geeks) can expect. The Disney Geeks will be attending the Star Tours Meet with MGM Studios.org

Here’s the down-low, uh, right below:

Friday, December 7, 2007

Time: 2:00 – 3:00pm

Walt Disney World 1994Location: Disney-MGM Studios: Just Outside Star Tours

Host: Matt Hochberg of MGMStudios.Org

What: Have you ever filled an entire StarSpeeder 3000 with all your friends? That’s the plan for this meet. We want to fill an entire StarSpeeder 3000. Join Matt Hochberg for a fun ride to Endor.

As a tease, here is the first paragraph of Matt’s article (he run’s a great site, by the way):

It’s still about 4 months until Mousefest and the temperatures are still in the 80’s but I can’t help but think about Mousefest this year and wanted to tell you what MGMStudios.Org has in store for this annual December gala of Disney Internet fans.  Believe it or not, if you’re planning on going to Mousefest, you may have to start planning now as not to be overwhelmed by the entire event when you get down there.

Get the rest of the article here.

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One thought on “Daily Figment 52 MouseFest MGM Style

  1. Thanks for the plugs George. I hope to meet a lot of new faces this year and maybe some folks from your blog.

    Congrats on 50+ posts and keep up the great work!

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