Daily Figment 50 “All that Glitters, Ain’t Gold”

daily_figment_50Well, many said we could never do it.

A few said we would end up in a fist fight.

Some said it would never last.

I would like to quote from Lloyd Dobbler:

“You just described every great success story.”

Of course I am referring to our fiftieth Daily Figment. That’s right, we hit the big 5-0. Now we know how Mike Scopa feels.

brothers 1982

The Disney Geeks Pre-Disney (circa 1982). Check out the shorts!

mousefest2007logoThe other big mile marker is that we are 100 days out from MouseFest. Yes, the Disney Geeks will be taking part in MouseFest this year. We aren’t hosting anything, but we will be attending and stalking our favorite blogger/podcaster celebrities. We will also be looking at the possibilities of some heckling.

We are going to be lodging at the Pop Century Resort.

If you’re new to MouseFest, check out some of these podcasts:


Disney Geek George meets the Uber Disney Geek (Lou Mongello) in 2006.
George is on the left and Lou is on the right. They look so similar that it is almost like a reverse negative. Which means what?

Some of our favorite moments from the first 50:
  • George persuading Andrew to eat Strawberries and Cream for breakfast during a trip to Washington, D.C. because George had the same thing at Bonfamilles’ at Port Orleans’ the year before. Until George’s wife pointed out that they were actually eating strawberries and milk. (Confounding Cream, always looking and acting like milk…)
  • Meeting a thousand cool new people (well, the people were not new, but you know what we mean).
  • Our first video post.
  • Finding a way to sneak The Simpsons into the blog. Andrew still thinks this clip is pee-in-your-pants funny (that is a certified Disney Geek term).
  • Andrew eating a whole block of near-rancid cheese and drinking two gallons of kool-aid on a dare. This had nothing to do with the blog, but it will always rank as one of our favorite moments. The few moments after this favorite moment are not so favorite.


The Disney Geeks discuss the intricacies of the Disney Dining Plan.

Keep those cards and letters coming; Thanks for being a part of our community.

Obviously, you rock!

George and Andrew

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5 thoughts on “Daily Figment 50 “All that Glitters, Ain’t Gold”

  1. The fact that I have known these guys since when they wore ugly shorts and tried to be cool is either a tribute to me…or a sad statement of my existence.

    I don’t get to go to MouseFest either…this is a guy bonding thing in our house…

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