Daily Figment 48 – Special Weekend Edition

daily_figment_02We wanted to post a special weekend edition of the Daily Figment. We’ve had some new visitors coming from Jeff’s post over at 2719 Hyperion.


And to our regular visitors: we still think you guys absolutely rock!

The reason for the special weekend edition is that I received a belated birthday present from my wife.


Window on Main Street: 35 Years of Creating Happiness at Disneyland Park by Van Arsdale France

This has been on my Disney Geek wish list for a long time. I didn’t get the opportunity to buy it when it was published and like so many other Disney-related titles, the street value has sky-rocketed. My wife had been scouring  E-bay and other sites (half.com, etc) since June to get it for me.

I just got it today, so this is not an official review.

DSC00948A little information about Van Arsdale France.

He was hired in March of 1955 to create a training program for Disneyland cast members, which was called the University of Disneyland.  He hired Dick Nunis as his personal gofer and was eventually brought back to Disneyland by Dick to change the initial training to Disney University. Eventually, the Disney University morphed into Traditions, which all Disney cast members receive now.

He officially retired in 1978 but went to work as a special consultant for Dick Nunis. He was inducted as a Disney Legend in 1994. Van passed away in 1999.

Van’s Window on Main St. reads:

Van Arsdale

Professor Emertius
Disney Universities

I can’t wait to start this book!


Van in his office at Disneyland


Van walking to his office at Disneyland


The back cover of Window on Main Street

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4 thoughts on “Daily Figment 48 – Special Weekend Edition

  1. First and foremost I feel stupid writing this anonymously but I am a former Disney executive and consultant and don’t want to make any waves or ripples unitentionally. I feel compelled to write for two reasons: I love your site and think it’s great but also because I knew Van France relatively well. As a matter of fact, he’s the one who encouraged me to pursue a career with Disney. This book is special to me because it was around this time that I really got to know him – he was/is truly a Disney Legend – one who deserves more credit than he is given.

    Keep up the great work on the site. Oh, and happy birthday!

  2. I feel like my efforts to find George the best Disney books out there are well worth it since it generates discussion and community with all the disneygeeks out there.
    Someday, I will get my husband back…and I hope he doesn’t wear mickey ears.

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