Daily Figment 40 – 2719 Hyperion


Matt Hochberg from MGMStudios.org and the WDW Today podcast has a great article and audio interview with our neighbor and good buddy, Jeff Pepper.

As if you haven’t heard his voice enough on the WDW Radio Show, you get another 5 minute interview on the page as well. Jeff explains the reason he chose 2719 Hyperion for his blog title and how he churns out daily blog posts.

My favorite part of the audio interview? When Jeff humbly mentions that a year ago he was listening to all of these great Disney podcasts and now he is rubbing shoulders with all of these amazing people. Especially, how excited he is to share his knowledge and meet all of these wonderful Disney people.

Jeff has also posted on his own site about the name 2719 Hyperion:

If you are a Disney Geek (and I know you are) you check Jeff’s blog several times a day.

Go there–now– and introduce yourself. Say, “Hot Dog!” or leave a complimentary “Oh Boy!” And whatever you do, don’t say anything bad about The Three Caballeros or Goofy. Or you will be visited by the Disney Geek’s hit squad, also known as Grumpwurst. He will make you an offer you can’t refuse! Many a weary traveler has been lured to Grumpy’s Hollow by the Enchanted Rose only to be met by the chant “Grumptastic” over and over again. We really don’t know what it means, but we have ordered t-shirts. And buttons. And pantaloons. And those really cool red pants with really big yellow buttons.

MouseFest, here we come!

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4 thoughts on “Daily Figment 40 – 2719 Hyperion

  1. I had the pleasure to meet Jeff at Magic Meets and he’s a great guy and it was fun talking to him. Too bad I didn’t record everything we talked about after the interview was over.

    Thanks for the link to my site George!

  2. Thanks guys, once again. Who needs a PR Department when I have the Disney Geeks.

    Seriously, I’m both humbled and flattered by the attention.

    Crap, got something in my eye again, gotta go . . .

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