Daily Figment 33


In honor of our 33rd Daily Figment:

DSC_2048Club 33 at Disneyland is a very special and exclusive dining establishment. It is located somewhere in New Orleans Square at Disneyland. It is difficult to find, unless someone shows you where to look. The door color is actually a special color created by the Imagineers. They have two that they use to hide doorways and show buildings (like Soarin’ at Epcot): a special green and gray. Apparently the gray disappears and the green is simply a color that most people don’t even notice. Club 33 is also the only place at Disneyland to serve alcoholic beverages.DSC_2045

How do you get in?

Well, besides taking the In Walt’s Footsteps Tour that Ray over at Grumpy’s Hollow took, you have to purchase a membership.


Yes, purchase a membership.

Wikipedia has a great article about the Club 33 membership. In a Disney Geeks nutshell:

  1. The wait list to buy a membership is 14 years (and actually closed in April 2007).
  2. $25,000; 10,000; or $9,500. This does not include annual fees.
  3. Free admission to Disneyland on the day of a Club 33 reservation.

DSC_2046Even if you take the tour, you only get to see the lobby and elevator area.

Another mystery is the actual name of the club. No one really knows, or talks about, the origins of the name. Rumors abound, though. Is it a Free Masons code? Is it alcohol related? Or did it have something to do with the original backers?

Will we ever know?


Will we ever get to dine at Club 33?

Can I think of any more questions to ask?

Well, not right now.

Thanks for sticking with us through 33 Daily Figment posts. We have really enjoyed bringing them to you and sharing our love of Disney stuff (that is a technical term, by the way).

All of the photos on this page are courtesy of Ray from Grumpy’s Hollow. You can check out all of his posts about his recent Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure trip. Make sure to leave a comment while you are there. He is really not as Grumpy as his namesake!

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3 thoughts on “Daily Figment 33

  1. Unfortunately, my camera wasn’t able to get “wide” enough to snap a picture of the famed elevator.

    My mother-in-law, who was there on the tour with us, got a picture of me and my wife in the elevator but hasn’t sent a copy to my wife yet.

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