Daily Figment 25

daily_figment_02So, what do you collect?

Specifically when you visit your favorite Disney Park. T-shirts? Figurines? Snowglobes?

Matt at Walt Disneyana World has created a great blog about various different Disney collectibles. Not only does he share a photo of the item, but he will appraise the item and let you know how much you might spend for it on Ebay.

DSC00516There are a lot of different things that we, as a family, collect when we visit Walt Disney World. One of mine happens to be ties. I wear a tie every day at work and it is always fun to throw in a special tie with a lot of character, if I can.

The tie in the left photo I actually acquired when I worked at the Disney Store at my local mall in the mid ’90’s (Hi, Alane!). It doesn’t really fit into the Disney Park collectible area, but it was the first one I bought and kick started the collection. This collection is one of the few that make it out of the house on a regular basis. Also, they will probably not age very well. I’m not sure if my kids will want to wear these ties when they grow up–unless retro Mickey is really cool.


The tie above is from our 2004 trip. We purchased it in the Emporium on Main St. USA at the Magic Kingdom.


This one is from our 2006 trip where we purchased it at MouseGear at Epcot. I am in no way color-blind; I am just color unsure. So, when I attend MouseFest this year without the family, I am going to have to pick out my tie by myself.

Hmmm, maybe Mickey can help me out!

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